Grace Dent

a close up portrait of antonio carluccio at his home

Antonio Carluccio

a portrait with flash of melissa and jasmine hemsley, shot at at their cafe at selfridges store

Melissa and Jasmine Hemsley

a portrait of michel and alain roux, with the troisgros family in france

Michel & Alain Roux

a portrait of gary lee sat at one of the tables at the ivy in covent garden

Gary Lee 

a portrait or rosemary ferguson sat by a window with warm light coming through for strong roots

Rosemary Ferguson

a portrait of peter blake wearing his yellow braces against a wall of his artwork at his studio

Peter Blake

a portrait of alessandra lauria against a plaster wall

Alessandra Lauria

a portrait or grace dent sat at a table enjoying her christmas meal

Grace Dent

a portrait of dylan jones from mens GQ shot at vogue house with bridget bardot on the wall behind him

Dylan Jones

a portrait of nigella lawson against a pink wall with a maple leaf coming in

Nigella Lawson

a portrait of hardeep singh kohli sat on a bridge on the regents canal

Hardeep Singh Kohli

a portrait of marco pierre white at his hotel restaurant at the rudloe arms nesr bath

Marco Pierre White

a portrait or lauren cooney the film director sat on a stair case

Lauren Cooney

a portrait of russell normal in golden square right by his restaurant polpo, walking along by some spring tulips

Russell Norman

a portrait of faye ward outside her studio against some palm leaves

Faye Ward

a portrait of mitch tonks and and fisherman in a fish market

Mitch Tonks

a portrait of uyen luu at her studio kitchen in east london

Uyen Luu

a portrait or george bamford at his home he is wearing a suit

George Bamford

a portrait of mina holland in her kitchen, she is wearing an apron

Mina Holland

a portrait of florian gadsby in his old ceramics studio, he is sat on the wheel throwing

Florian Gadsby

a portrait of jeremy lee sat on his sofa at home

Jeremy Lee

a portrait or clementine keith roach at her studio

Clementine Keith-Roach

a portrait or anna del conte at her home in somerset sat on her garden bench

Anna Del Conte

a portrait oopshona ghosh taking a picture with a polaroid camera

Oopshona Ghosh

a portrait or ruth rogers and 2 of her main cooks at the river cafe, they are sat on a wall with sun pouring in

Ruth Rogers

a portrait or anjum anand and her daughter enjoying a picnic in regents park

Anjum Anand

a portrait or karin gustafsson of Cos shot at the Cos headquarters in regents st

Karin Gustafsson

a portrait of nathan outlaw on the beach in cornwall the sky is full of mist and there's a seagull flying behind

Nathan Outlaw

a reportage shot of the kitchen staff at St Johnsm

St Johns

a portrait of shirley hughes at her home in her living hshe is stood against william morris wall paper

Shirley Hughes

a portrait of gill mellor at his home in lyme regis

Gill Mellor

a portrait of miranda bowen against a black backdrop

Miranda Bowen

a portrait of julien macdonald the fashion deisgner in the archway of his studio mews

Julian Macdonald

a portrait of julien macdonald the fashion deisgner in the archway of his studio mews

Julian Macdonald

Ned Patterson

a man in soho smoking a cigarette shot in black and white

Soho man

a man in soho shot in black and white

Soho man

a portrait chris jennings at his studio in east london shot in black and white

Chris Hughes

a portrait of marcus wareing outside his restaurant 'marcus' where he is stood on the steps to the entrance

Marcus Waring